About Us
We are team of hospitality technology professionals with 30 plus years in the industry. We are experienced in creating, and automating DMC companies and hotel departments Worldwide, as well as experience operating Concierge departments as an outsourced management company at top hotel properties.
Our technology was created to operate destination services and it has been developed over the years to be the leading technology service associations, hotels looking to capture revenue from their group business, as well as their concierge department. We can operate programs, or we can train you to operate programs. We have the experience and the technology.

Our Board of Advisors
Our Board of Advisors Is comprised of individuals with a blend of technology backgrounds and/or hospitality. With this broad level of experience and backgrounds, our advisors can best serve our mission to provide the best meeting planning and dmc software.

Bernard Jennings, Managing Principle, Capstone Consulting Group, LLC

Bob Tolan, CFO, DPIX LLC

Brenda Tolan, Dir. New Product Introduction & Outsourcing, OpNext Inc

Cindy Novotny, Master Connection Associates

Lefty Novotny, Master Connection Associates

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E-mail: info@e-destinaccess.com
Phone: +1-800-605-5597 EXT 101
Fax: +1-586-816-2959